Bacio (Kiss) necklace


In the Bacio necklace,  the image of love becomes more passionate, characterizing one more example in  the sequence of Anna e Alex concept necklaces: a confirmation of the absolute love of one who chooses  to dedicate himself (herself) to the other, in a bond of happiness and with a plan to build a life together. Created in minimalist contemporary style, the rhodium polished brass necklace, with a matching delicate chain of small metallic globes, has two different pendants in bas-relief. The first empty circle is symbolized by the chain, and the central oval  contains an “empty” profile of two faces kissing each other. The last rhodium brass pendant completes the sequence, with its solid circle shape, an emblem of the entirety of feelings.
Length:52 cm / 20.5 in
Handcrafted in Italy

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