Anna e Alex


“The contrast and the choices of different colour nuances, the antique art of passementerie, the ability of traditional artisans discovered in their hidden ateliers, the elegance of cameos and the creativity of two friends; this is what gave birth to Anna e Alex, a jewellery brand whose soul brings together both past and present, semiprecious stones and fabrics, lacquers and pearls.” (Vogue Gioiello)

The heart Behind The Brand

Anna Neri
Born in the Southern Italy, and now lives in Rome. She spent a long period in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh where she enjoyed life to its fullest, favouring sunny days, sweets, music and smiling people, while graduating in business administration and specializing in international marketing.

In Rome Anna started her career in marketing by working for leading international companies both in the tourism and the luxury goods industry.  At the top of her career in one of the world’s major luxury brands she met the other half of the logo: Alessandra, the head of external relations. She starts sharing with Alex the daily fun of discovering that creativity can also be expressed and translated into living objects with a soul of their own. Authenticity, colours, tradition, love for perfection and joy for the universe allways follow her…. at work…. and at home with her handsome love and her three girls.

Alessandra Sales
Born in New York….raised in New York, Torino, Verona and Geneva….Alessandra now lives in Rome with her two lovely girls and her husband.  While working as the External Relations Director at Bvlgari she had the good fortune to meet, Anna Neri – her best friend and business partner. The values that Alessandra shares with Anna such as fairness, respect and a passion for a beautiful authenticity whether, in relation to a person or an object, are at the basis of the new chapter her life called Anna e Alex.